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13:20-13:55 | Sourcing/Reselling Power Workshop for Australia and New Zealand retail

LIMITED SEATS Sourcing/Reselling Power Workshop: Elevate your Online and Retail Business with AliExpress’ VIP Sourcing Programme. Please see details below and get a ticket for the AliExpo Business Conference.

10:00-16:00 | AliExpo Business Conference 

LIMITED SEATS Whether you’re a local business or exploring e-commerce exports, discover answers, skills, and trends at AliExpo 2024. Immerse yourself in insights from over 20 industry experts, to learn about Southeast Asia commerce and marketing, China Cross-border trade, skills and trends in your local Australia online/offline retail businesses, and listen to more than six local Australia businesses to share their globalisation journey. 


13:00-15:30 | Austrade-Supported Southeast Asia Business Matching

40 sessions of business matching between Exhibitors and invited buyers. By-invite only. Shall you want to meet exhibitors during AliExpo, please register as general buyer and visit the exhibitors’ stands, or send us an email for future opportunities. 

15:30-17:00 | Alibaba APAC Business Matching

30 sessions of business matching between Exhibitors and invited APAC buyers. By-invite only. Shall you want to meet exhibitors during AliExpo, please register as general buyer and visit the exhibitors’ stands, or send us an email for future opportunities. 



 11:30-12:30 | AliExpo Theatre

FREE 淘宝直播全球主播招募大会 澳洲站 Livestreaming Workshop : Turn Your Shopping Spree into a Revenue Stream’ (Chinese 中文工作坊)


 11:30-12:30 | Special Activities

To be announced












AliExpo Events/ Workshop Details

Sourcing/Reselling Power Workshop

AliExpress Australia

Elevate your Online and Retail Business with AliExpress’ B2B VIP Sourcing Programme
13:20-13:55 | Friday 15 March | AliExpo Theatre, Hall 2-3 ICC Sydney (FREE)

Unlock the Gateway to Premium Chinese Supply Chains: ‘AliExpress VIP’ Programme

Join us at this FREE AliExpress Sourcing/Reselling Power Workshop, an exclusive event designed to introduce sellers to the unparalleled benefits of sourcing high-quality products directly from China. Tailored for resellers, retail chains, and all online sellers in Australia, this event is your gateway to success in local retail.

Why Attend?

Exclusive Access to AliExpress VIP Programme:
Discover the transformative AliExpress VIP Programme, designed to empower Australian sellers with direct access to premium Chinese supplies curated by AliExpress. Explore a diverse range of top-quality products, including furniture, fashion accessories, and small electronic appliances.

Optimise Your Sourcing Strategy:
Learn how the AliExpress VIP Programme can optimise your sourcing strategy, allowing you to access a wide array of products with ease. Explore the vast potential for profit by integrating high-quality Chinese supplies into your inventory.

Tailored for Various Selling Platforms:
Whether you operate on Shopify, eBay, Amazon, Catch, or other local marketplaces or your brick-and-mortar stores, find out how seamlessly the AliExpress VIP Programme can integrate with your existing selling platforms. Simplify your sourcing process and enhance your product offerings effortlessly.

Unlock Cost-Effective Solutions:
Explore cost-effective solutions that boost your profit margins. The AliExpress VIP Programme is your key to sourcing quality products directly from China at competitive prices, ensuring a competitive edge in the market

Agenda 15 March 2024, AliExpo Business Conference

Unlocking Business Opportunities in Australia Local Market: Discover Profitable Categories and Growth Opportunities 
Explore your Local to Local Business Opportunity: Learn Effective Supply Chain Strategies and Successful Business Models + Q&A





Sourcing/Reselling Power Workshop | Who to attend?
• Online resellers from Amazon, Catch, eBay, Shopify or other local marketplaces • Brick-and-mortar retail owners • Resellers • Anyone who want to start their online businesses
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淘宝直播 全球主播招募大会 澳洲站

挖掘商机新玩法 来自淘宝直播杭州团队的免费Workshop
11:30-12:30 | Saturday 16 March | Conference Theatre, Hall 2-3 ICC Sydney (FREE)



  • 淘宝卖家和主播
  • 小红书、抖音等平台的网红、KOL和卖家
  • 澳大利亚华裔 – 所有对开创新生意感兴趣的人,包括学生
  • 本工作坊中文讲授。



  • 发挥本地人脉和资源,成为淘宝直播大咖。
  • 学会妙招,怎么把澳洲货品卖给全球观众。
  • 利用对本地市场的了解,提高人气和销售。 


  • 掌握成为淘宝达人的基本指南
  • 了解2024年杭州支持政策
  • 认识淘宝杭州团队和澳洲领头的直播专业人员。


  • 蔓笛
    淘宝全球购 淘宝直播境外达人生态负责人
  • 执人
    淘宝全球购 澳新市场主播运营负责人


Livestream Personal Shopper Workshop Australia: Turn Your Shopping Spree into a Revenue Stream!
Explore the gems for your future businesses – FREE Workshop from Taobao Livestreaming Hangzhou team

Unleash the potential of your shopping passion and turn it into profit by mastering the art of livestreaming. Join us to become a personal shopper and unlock the monetisation potential.

FREE WORKSHOP (Conducted in Chinese)

Who can Attend?

  • Taobao Merchants and Hosts
  • Influencers, KOLs, and Merchants from platforms like Xiaohongshu, Douyin, or others
  • Australians of Chinese descent – Anyone, including students, interested in exploring an additional business venture.


  • Introduction to New Trends in Taobao Livestreaming for 2024
  • Policy Support for Overseas Livestream Hosts in 2024
  • Introduction to Overseas Livestream Host Organisations in Australia and New Zealand


Taobao Livestreaming Aliexpo
淘宝直播 全球主播招募大会 – 澳洲站 | 谁适合参加?
• 淘宝卖家和主播 • 小红书、抖音等平台的网红、KOL和卖家 • 澳大利亚华人 - 所有对开创新生意感兴趣的人,包括学生 • 本工作坊中文讲授。
Why Attend?
• 变身淘宝达人,搭上澳洲资源的顺风车。 • 发挥本地人脉和资源,成为淘宝直播大咖。 • 学会妙招,怎么把澳洲货品卖给全球观众。 • 利用对本地市场的了解,提高人气和销售。
Registration for FREE
拿手新潮趋势和招数101。 • 掌握成为淘宝达人的基本指南 • 了解2024年杭州支持政策 • 认识淘宝杭州团队和澳洲领头的直播专业人员。
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