AliExpo Business Conference

Embark on a transformative journey of business expansion at the AliExpo Business Conference tailored for Australian, New Zealand, and Pacific enterprises, offering unparalleled insights, networking opportunities, and strategic solutions to navigate the evolving landscape of global commerce.

AliExpo Conference Theatre | 11:30-16:00 AEDT | Friday 15 March 2024

AliExpo Business Conference


Whether you’re a local business or exploring e-commerce exports, discover answers, skills, and trends at AliExpo 2024. Immerse yourself in insights from over 20 industry experts, with an exclusive afternoon workshop for sole proprietors and businesses eager to explore new opportunities.

Check-in at the Entrance of AliExpo Theatre
Emcee: David Gulasi
CEO and Founder of Metasurge, Top KOL – 萌叔大卫老师

ANZ Food and Beverage Trends: Fresh Insights and Innovative Export Solutions
Steve Zhen
Head of Category, F&B, Home & Furniture, and Electronics, Tmall Global, Taobao & Tmall Group

Exploring Contemporary Cross-Border Trade Dynamics in Health and Wellness
James Sung

Head of Category, Health and Wellness and Pet Wellness, Tmall Global, Taobao & Tmall Group

Breaking Barriers: The Latest Trends and Profitable Prospects in China’s Skincare, Mother and Baby Market
Keiko Li

Head of Category, Beauty and Skincare and Mother and Baby, Tmall Global, Taobao & Tmall Group

Exploring Global Success: Nig Nutritional’s Journey with Alibaba
Ling Lu

Sales Manager, China, Nig Nutritionals Ltd

Fireside Chat: Global Wholesaling with – How can Australia and New Zealand businesses gain access to international buyers
Will Zhao

Chief Executive Officer, Yaru Ventures
Alvin Wang
Chief Executive Officer, Sky Distribution 

Panel Discussion: Global Commerce Mastery: Unlocking Cross-Border and Wholesale Opportunities for Australia and New Zealand Merchants + Q&A
Jade Angelopoulos
, Marketing Manager, Schibello Coffee
Ling Lu, Sales Manager, China, Nig Nutritionals Ltd
Will Zhao, Chief Executive Officer, Yaru Ventures
Alvin Wang, Chief Executive Offiicer, Sky Distribution
Moderator: Jonathan Cox, China CEO, Roolife

13:05-13:45 Break

Afternoon Session Opening
Emcee: David Gulasi
CEO and Founder of Metasurge, China’s Largest Australian Influencer – 萌叔大卫老

Path to Success in with Freshippo: Australia and New Zealand Brand’s Guide to China retail in 2024

Melody Jia
General Manager, Freshippo Global GO and Exportation

Unlocking Business Opportunities in Australia Local Market: Discover Profitable Categories and Growth Opportunities

Alfy Zhang
Country Manager, Australia and New Zealand, AliExpress

Explore your Local to Local Business Opportunity: Learn Effective Supply Chain Strategies and Successful Business Models for Australia Businesses + Q&A
May Wang
AliExpress Business Partner Management

New Sourcing Strategies: Optimising Imports from China
Hear from a panel of business owners making smart buying decisions

Oscar Langoulant, Founder of WeAssist
Rocky Yan, Founder of Party Best Buy
Percy Hung, CEO and Co-founder at Choco Up

Moderator:Jim Vrondas
Head of Commercial, WorldFirst

15:20- 15:45
Understanding Southeast Asia markets, 2024 trends and how we can equip for the journey + Q&A
Neo Tze Siangl
Chief Business Officier, Synagie, Official Partner of LAZADA

Crafting a Robust Online Presence: Strategies for Marketing Success in Southeast Asia
Christie Ding
Head of Client Solutions, Brand Catalyser

Emcee: David Gulasi
CEO and Founder of Metasurge, Top KOL (萌叔大卫老师)

Benefits from the AliExpo Conference

  • Tailored for businesses engaged in global, China, and Southeast Asia exports, offering insights into specific market dynamics.
  • Over 20 speakers, including experts from Alibaba, Ant Group, C-Suite Leaders, and industry experts. 10+ sessions of exclusive training on the 2024 e-commerce trends and practical insights.
  • Ideal for local market businesses in Australia, New Zealand, and the Pacific, providing valuable information on profitable categories and growth opportunities.
  • Exclusive content available only at AliExpo, covering diverse topics ranging from global B2B opportunities to local-to-local business strategies and unique case studies.
  • Networking opportunities with Industry Leaders and Brand Owners in the export ecosystem. 

Who should join the Conference

  • Global and regional exporters aiming to expand their market presence and explore opportunities in China and Southeast Asia.
  • Local businesses in Australia seeking growth, innovative strategies, and access to new markets internationally. 
  • Sole Proprietorship or small retail businesses interested in establishing or enhancing their online presence through professional sourcing strategy. 
  • Merchants, sellers, and retailers involved in e-commerce and cross-border trade.
  • Professionals in health and wellness, food and beverage, fashion and accessories, electronics, beauty and skincare, and other relevant industries.
  • Individuals and entities looking to gain insights into the latest trends, business models, and supply chain strategies in the global and regional markets.

This year’s topics include:

What Attendees are Saying

Definitely for us, Alibaba Ecosystem is one of the biggest opportunities that we’ve had worldwide and being here today is a massive step. When we launched the brand, we’re really excited about the Chinese market, I think the fact that the Chinese consumers love Australian brands is going to be really important for us.
Sarah Hamilton
Sand & Sky
Currently we’ve got a Tmall franchise store and the biggest part about having a franchise store is to ensure authenticity. There are some consumers who don’t feel comfortable buying from third party platforms, where they’re not sure the product is authentic, so they tend to buy from the Tmall store.
Steve Wassing

Our Speakers

Learn From The Experts


Jonathan Cox

China CEO



Jim Vrondas

Head of Commercial



Neo Tze Siang

Chief Business Officer

Synagie (Lazada Partner)

jade angelopoulos_Marketing Manager, Schibello Coffee Group

Jade angelopoulos

Marketing Manager

Schibello Coffee Group

Tmall Global Steve Hong

Steve Zhen

Head of F&B / Home & Furniture / Electronics Category

Tmall Global Alibaba Group

James Sung

James Song

Head of Pet Food & Pet Care / Health & Supplement Category

Tmall Global Alibaba Group

Keiko Li

Keiko Li

Head of Beauty & Skincare / Mother & Baby Category

Tmall Global Alibaba Group


Alfy Zhang

Country Manager

AliExpress Australia and New Zealand


Bonnie Zhao


May Wang, AliExpress Business Partner Management

May Wang

AliExpress Business Partner Management


Ling Lu

Sales Manager

China, Nig Nutritionals Ltd


Will Zhao

Chief Executive Officer

Yaru Ventures

Melody Jia - General Manager, Freshippo Global GO and Exportation
Melody Jia
General Manager

Freshippo Global GO and Exportation