Beauty & Skincare

We are New Zealand’s heritage clean beauty skincare brand.
At Antipodes, science unites with nature to inject global beauty rituals with the world’s purest pollution-free ingredients. Our natural, ultra-clean, independently certified, and sustainably sourced formulas deliver genuine results for healthy-looking skin, and formulations are tested in-vitro to ensure world-leading efficacy.
From the beginning, our premium recyclable packaging, sustainable New Zealand ingredients, and commitment to performance has trailblazed a new niche in beauty worldwide. By choosing glass and aluminium packaging, we’ve saved more than 10 million plastic containers from landfill to date. We partner only with ethical suppliers who share our green beauty ethos – from forest to face.
From Wellington to the world, lift the lid on Antipodes and connect with nature in New Zealand.
A’kin’s philosophy is simple, our natural range of products are formulated with powerful botanical ingredients and without irritants to help you achieve healthy hair.
We know products need to deliver real results. That’s why our formulations contain high levels of botanical ingredients designed to address key hair and skin concerns. We conduct clinical and consumer user trials to ensure our products do not cause irritation and deliver real, visible results.
DU’IT is a clinically proven, Australian skincare brand offering everyday, affordable skincare that delivers results in 1 day. Our products repair, soften, hydrate and protect dry, rough, irritated and dull looking skin. Utilising significantly higher percentages of active ingredients, with NO parabens, petrolatums and sulphates, our products are not beauty products, they’re functional, they’re high quality and they work.
DU’IT’s range consists of face, handcare and footcare products – DU’IT Foot & Heel Balms plus intensive foot cream with 25% Urea and our convenient gel Roll On Heel Balm, in an easy to use roll-on applicator. We are also Australia’s No.1 Hand Cream brand in Australia* and are supported by Podiatrists, Dermatologists, Diabetes NSW and Eczema Association Australia.
At Dr. LeWinn’s we use our expertise to create clinically proven skincare products. We understand that skin is one of our most vital assets and it is constantly changing throughout every life stage. We use scientific ingredients and formulas to create cutting edge products that really work, giving you skincare that is comparable to professional treatments. Our specialist cosmeceutical skincare solutions are advanced, potent and proven to take care of your skin; whether you have lines & wrinkles, pigmentation, age spots or you simply want to keep your skin looking healthy and radiant.
Evolving across four generations of health pioneers, Substance is flying the flag for novel, niche and needed solutions that help you live a life of Substance.
Drip and drip(feed) were born from Hugh Crothers’ passion for reducing shame and friction to improve people’s sex lives. Because of this, we’re passionate about representing and talking about real sex, and sharing stories and information from all kinds of people to serve everybody.

EAORON is Australia‘s leading skincare brand, developing the latest and more advanced products boosting beauty results around the global.

Homart’s major Australian brands include:
– Springleaf: the flagship brand covering all wellness potentials
– Top Life: premium health brand for duty free stores
– Petmima: pet health supplement
– Little Innoscents: all-natural skincare for children
– Autili: dairy and health supplements for children
– Cheri: premium skin care
– Grand Paw Paw: all-purpose skin-aid

Established in Australia in 1992, Homart Pharmaceuticals specializes in Australian-made premium health supplements, dairy, skincare, and pet products, having won 20 awards worldwide.
Homart operates its cGMP facility in Rydalmere NSW, with certifications from TGA, FDA, PICs, Organic, AQIS, CFDA, Halal and other international regulators.
Inspired by the oceanic world, LIONIA harnesses the power of roe extracts to nourish and combat the signs of aging.
Infused with sea kelp extracts, it provides deep hydration, while collagen peptides and hyaluronic acid work synergistically to enhance skin’s plumpness.
Powerful antioxidants shield against free radicals and environmental damage. Experience the transformation as your skin becomes radiant, revitalized, and the appearance of wrinkles is visibly diminished.
In the heart of Vivien Rose’s essence lies a celebration of nature’s bountiful gifts, woven into every thread of its being.
Rooted in the rich soil of Australia’s wine country, its essence blooms with the vibrancy of nature and the sophistication of fine craftsmanship of the purity of organic wine, the essence of essential oils, and the tender touch of personal care collection.
Like a melody that resonates with the heart, Vivien Rose sings of beauty, wellness, and the pursuit of a life well-lived.
It is a sanctuary where senses awaken, spirits soar, and dreams take flight. With every sip of its exquisite wines and every touch of its indulgent skincare, Vivien Rose whispers the promise of joy, rejuvenation, and the timeless allure of Australian elegance.
Miracle Plant, an Australian brand founded by a vegetarian and international aromatherapist, specializes in deep sleep natural perfumes for relaxation and rejuvenation. As a proud member of the International Federation of Aromatherapists (IFA), we advocate for safe sourcing. Crafted with 100% natural plant ingredients, our products are made in Australia in an ISO/GMP facility. Harnessing aromatherapy, our Deep Sleep Perfumes use pure essential oils to enhance sleep quality. Endorsed by Oxford Scientist Dr. Sherman Fung, our formulas scientifically induce faster sleep onset and promote calmness, ensuring peaceful nights. Discover our brand for a natural solution to improve sleep and well-being
About Time We Met is an Aussie-made natural skincare brand based on the healing magic of sandalwood. We’ve been nurturing Indian sandalwood trees for more than 20 years, and now we’re using them to make some pretty good skincare products. Each one is crafted with love for the environment, so you can feel good about taking care of yourself and the planet at the same time. Studies have proven that sandalwood is loaded with tons of amazing benefits that can totally transform your skin and your state of mind.