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The a2 Milk Company® was founded on the fundamental belief that by providing milk that was naturally A1-protein free, we could do good for human health globally. Our purpose is to pioneer the future of dairy for good and our vision is for an A1-free world where dairy nourishes all people and our planet. The a2 Milk Company® are the pioneers in A2-Protein early life nutrition. Our a2 Platinum® infant formula and toddler milk range is produced to the highest quality in world class manufacturing facilities with highly automated and sophisticated production processes and stringent hygiene standards.
Happy baby. Connected family. Brighter world. At Bubs, we celebrate relaxed feeding and bring satisfaction to the family.Bubs Australia catering to tummies of all stages of development from 0-12 years. Proudly Australian owned with no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. When it comes to feeding babies and toddlers, Bubs are the clean nutrition experts. Bubs’ vision of setting little ones up for a lifetime of good eating habits and providing them with the best start makes us a market leader and a trusted choice. 
Evolving across four generations of health pioneers, Substance is flying the flag for novel, niche and needed solutions that help you live a life of Substance.
From blocked ears to loud farts, mouth ulcers and dry eyes – we’ll bring you simple solutions so you can get on with life, whatever that looks like for you.
We’re Australian owned and have been creating considered products and hunting down new innovations for Aussies for over twenty years. If it’s not new or better, we won’t make it.

Anchor Brand, rooted in New Zealand for over 134 years, offers a range of 160+ products across 80 countries. From Milk Powder to long-life milks, Anchor combines the smooth flavor of fresh milk with on-demand versatility.

Anmum, Fonterra’s pediatric brand, is dedicated to producing high-quality nutritional products for childhood development globally.

 Kāpiti, Fonterra-owned since 2005, is New Zealand’s most awarded Cheese Brand, known for its exquisite, handcrafted cheeses.

Natural & Pure Create Top Quality
MOROKA is a well-known town located in the eastern part of Victoria, Australia. The Moroka River runs through the town, making it a part of Victoria’s famous high country national park. To the south is the renowned dairy region of South Gippsland, Australia, where you can find some of the purest and most natural high-quality pastures in the world. With its green mountains and clear waters, this area produces the highest quality, nutrient-rich fresh milk.
NIG Nutritionals has a long-standing reputation of delivering nutritional formulations which are produced by some of New Zealand’s most talented, product development and manufacturing experts. And it appears others think so too! We’ve been the proud recipients of multiple export, business, as well as science and technology awards – and we’re just getting started.


Neurio, JAT’s renowned brand in Asia, offers a diverse range of nutritional products supporting health across all ages. Specializing in milk powder formulations, Neurio enhances immune, intestinal, and digestive systems. Tailored infant formulas foster healthy development. Neurio stands out in China with cow and goat milk-based products rich in Lactoferrin, a natural immune system booster. Aptly dubbed “Golden Milk Powder,” extracting 1g requires 14kg of milk. Neurio’s formulations also feature age-specific pre- and probiotics, vitamins, and minerals. Elevate your well-being with Neurio, where health meets excellence in every stage of life.

At Ovitae Global Health, we’re passionate about supporting aspiring parents to start and grow families.

A healthy and happy baby is every parent’s dream. The second you meet your baby, the profound love you feel is beyond words. Their first smile, the smell of their hair, the way they laugh, their first words – we believe everyone should be able to experience those precious moments.

PERDAYS PRECISION PREGNANCY NUTRITION SPECIALIST is dedicated to precise prenatal nutrition. Our range of products consists of premium, scientifically backed nutritional supplements that support various aspects of human health during pregnancy and early life stages. All products are formulated in consultation with a team of leading Australian pregnancy health experts. We prioritize research and product development to ensure our range delivers proven results. Managed by a passionate team with a diverse range of specialized experiences, we are committed to providing our customers with the best products and services.
 With over 60 years of expertise in Australia,As one of the world’s leading pain relief brands, Panadol’s proven products can help relieve your pain and get you feeling like yourself again.
Whether it’s because of a fever, or just everyday pains such as headache, sore throat, or earache, no parent wants to watch their child suffer through unnecessary pain or discomfort.
Children’s Panadol comes in several different strengths for use across a range of age groups: babies from one month of age, to young children and older children up to twelve years of age.
ANMA, a subsidiary of Jatcorp Limited (JAT), is a renowned Australian listed company. With a unique end-to-end strategy encompassing innovation, production, brand management, and channel marketing, JAT focuses on delivering natural, healthy dairy products, and supplements. ANMA, backed by JAT’s scientific expertise and long-term collaborations with institutions like the University of Sydney, maintains industry-leading positions in research, formula development, and quality control. Committed to providing consumers with natural and health-enhancing dairy products, ANMA exemplifies excellence in the industry.
Milk New Zealand Dairy Limited and the Theland Farm Group were originally fully owned subsidiaries of Hunan Dakang International Food and Agriculture Co. Ltd, itself part of the Shanghai Pengxin Group.
In 2017, Milk New Zealand Dairy Ltd. was restructured to become a fully owned subsidiary of Theland New Cloud Digimart (Shanghai) Ltd.
In December 2017, Alibaba Group and it’s founder’s venture capital company became majority shareholders (57%) of Theland New Cloud Digimart (Shanghai) Ltd, with Hunan Dakang International Food and Agriculture Ltd remaining a minority shareholder (33%).
The Theland  Farm Group brings together the Tahi Farm Group in the North Island (16 farms) of New Zealand and the Purata Farm Group in the South Island (13 farms) of New Zealand.
Theland Farm Group’s objective is to produce and supply quality milk to consumers in New Zealand and China.

Mei Mei Baby

No one in the world is more important than our babies. Therefore, we will only want the best including the skin care products for our babies and their delicate skin. The Mei Mei Baby series is formulated from all natural ingredients, like all Nature’s Care products and is totally petrochemical free. Its pH is specially adjusted for baby skin and the squalene formula helps baby’s skin to breath. 
Oz Farm is a proud Australian company that formulates nutritional milk powders for optimal health, vitality and development – for all stages of life. Nutritional needs change during life’s different stages. To be healthy, it is important to provide any extra nutritional demands on your body during these stages – particularly during pregnancy, growing children and during the latter years of life.)