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The global leader in Smilecare. Disrupting is everything you know about oral care today. We create vibrant and exciting products that change the way you look at your oral care routine. 
White Glo was established in 1995 and became the pioneering teeth whitening brand in retail and pharmacy stores, with an extensive product range that solely specialised in teeth whitening. Today, White Glo is an internationally selling brand, with 1 product purchased every 4 seconds worldwide. White Glo products are formulated and developed by Australian dentists and have won awards for customer satisfaction and product efficacy. Product innovation remains at the heart of the brand, with a wide range of teeth whitening and oral care products developed to suit all whitening needs.
Dominated by monopoly brands serving formulas that included incomprehensible ingredients. Tash Scutts created LOVEBYT as her response to—and departure from—this outdated, unhealthy, and disillusioned offering.
Oral care is a universal necessity — from months old and into our elderhood, we clean our teeth every day. So why should we take a chance on our health every time we brush our teeth?
Commercial toothpaste contain inexpensive ingredients that are damaging to our health — Many are full of preservatives, artificial sweeteners, artificial colours, additives, or synthetic flavours and fragrances.
We do things a little differently here at LOVEBYT…
LOVEBYT is the fresh perspective on oral care — Thoroughly researched, meticulously formulated, and consciously packaged — to provide nourishing oral care without compromise.
Our rigorous formulating standards and all-natural ingredients set us apart. With efficacy at the forefront, LOVEBYT is a simplified ritual of results-driven oral care, guided by embracing the healing intelligence of botanicals.
  • Freshens breath
  • Prevents cavities & gum disease
  • Relieves & prevents dry mouth
  • Neutralizes mouth acids
  • Removes stains on teeth
  • Scientifically formulated with ingredients to support oral health